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Why Buy an Electric Car? Learn the Perks of EVs

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Pittsford and Webster drivers are catching on to the perks of electric cars, or EVs as they’re often referred to as. But why? What do electric vehicles (EVs) like the Volkswagen ID.4 have to offer that internal-combustion-engine-powered vehicles do not? That’s something we’re happy to help you explore!



From the cost benefits to the environmental and efficiency advantages, there are plenty of perks of EVs to consider. Read on to learn why to buy an electric car as your next vehicle choice or contact us anytime at Ide VW of East Rochester with your EV-related questions. We’re here to help!

Why Should You Buy an Electric Car near Pittsford?

Compelling reasons you should consider buying an electric car include the following:

  • Less Maintenance: Oil changes. Transmission flushes. Gasket replacement. Valve repairs. These are just some gasoline-engine-related repairs you’ll never have to deal with when driving an EV.
  • Lower Ownership Costs: Cars are depreciating assets that sometimes cost thousands to maintain. Not only is maintenance a hassle, but it’s also a financial consideration. Though EVs may require battery replacement in time, they’re still about 40% cheaper to operate than their gas counterparts. That’s a big win for your wallet.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: If you charge your EV “on the grid,” you’ll still be tied to fossil fuels. That said, you can also use solar, wind, or other renewable sources of charging for a zero-emissions ownership experience! On the whole, EVs offer a greater chance of lesser environmental impacts. What’s more, even EVs using grid power are still generally considered to be less harmful to the environment.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: EVs often include information displays with systems that monitor energy usage, along with other cutting-edge technologies which offer plenty of value-added considering their sometimes higher upfront costs compared to gas cars.

Thinking about other reasons why you should buy an electric car? It’s not just new EVs that are great vehicles. That’s right — used EVs are another great option that are often available at quite a discount — especially if you buy a used EV at Ide VW of East Rochester and take advantage of our used vehicle specials!

Three Key Steps to Take Before Buying an EV

Why buy an electric car? We hope that the above reasons are compelling enough to convince you of the many perks of EVs. Now that you’ve made a decision in favor of an EV, though, there are still some additional steps you need to take. Luckily, they’re relatively easy ones.

Get Your Garage Ready for Your EV

There are not as many EV charging stations around Webster (yet) as gas stations. That said, it’s important to get your garage ready for home charging. First, figure out what kind of charging station (i.e., Level 1 or Level 2) you will be eligible for. Next, be sure to get the system installed before you take delivery of your next new or used EV in East Rochester.

Map Out Charging Locations near East Rochester

Map out where public charging stations are in Fairport, Victor, and beyond. This will help you shop at places nearby, creating efficiencies, while also ensuring you don’t need to be towed for lack of range. Also note that public charging stations — especially fast charging ones — are often much quicker to charge than home-charging stations.

Explore Possible Savings via Tax Credits

EVs may cost more upfront than regular gas cars in many cases — for the moment — but tons of OEMs (car brands), Volkswagen included, have already released “electrified” or electric vehicles, and/or plan to add more EVs in the coming years. What’s more, you may be eligible for a tax credit on your next EV purchase. Of course, here at Ide VW of East Rochester, we’re also always offering money-saving national offers and lease offers!

Your Next EV for Sale Awaits at Ide VW of East Rochester!

Shop for a new Volkswagen ID.4 online now! We’re here to help demystify the EV buying and ownership experience, starting with information like this. We can’t wait to get you all charged up about buying an EV in East Rochester!


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